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SubjectRe: [PATCH security-next v4 23/32] selinux: Remove boot parameter
On Tue, Oct 2, 2018 at 11:57 AM, John Johansen
<> wrote:
> Under the current scheme
> lsm.enabled=selinux
> could actually mean selinux,yama,loadpin,something_else are
> enabled. If we extend this behavior to when full stacking lands
> lsm.enabled=selinux,yama
> might mean selinux,yama,apparmor,loadpin,something_else
> and what that list is will vary from kernel to kernel, which I think
> is harder for the user than the lsm.enabled list being what is
> actually enabled at boot

Ah, I think I missed this in your earlier emails. What you don't like
here is that "lsm.enable=" is additive. You want it to be explicit.

Are you okay with lsm.order= having fallback?

The situation we were trying to solve was with new LSMs getting
implicitly disabled if someone is booting with an explicit list. For


means when "landlock" gets added to the kernel, it will be implicitly disabled.

> If we have to have multiple kernel parameter, I prefer a behvior where
> if you hav conflicting kernel parameters specified
> apparmor=0 lsm.enabled=apparmor
> that the conflict is logged and the lsm is left disabled, as I think
> it is easier for users to understand than the overrides scheme of v3,
> and sans logging of the conflict is effectively what we had in the
> past
> apparmor=0 security=apparmor
> or
> apparmor=1 security=selinux
> would result in apparmor being disabed

Okay, so for this part you want per-LSM boot param to have priority
(which seems to match SELinux's concerns), possibly logging the
conflict, but still accepting the apparmor= and selinux= state.
security= would still driving initialization ordering (so I think the
behavior I have in the series would be correct).

> That being said I get we have a mess currently, and there really
> doesn't seem to be a good way to fix it. I think getting this right
> for the user is important enough that I am willing to break current
> apparmor userspace api. While apparmor=0 is documented we have also
> documented security=X for years and apparmor=0 isn't used too often
> so I think we can drop it to help clean this mess up abit.
> I am not going to Nak, or block on v3 behavior if that is considered
> the best path forward after this discussion/rant.

I could define CONFIG_LSM_ENABLE as being "additive" to


Kees Cook
Pixel Security

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