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Subjectnetconsole on opensuse 42.3 with a 4.18.7 kernel hangs
I have been watching posts on this list and see that many users employ 
netconsole. My netconsole is native to the 4.18.7 kernel, and works
perfectly for about 13 sec ( 12.954965 last attempt) after boot. It then
hangs. 709 lines are transmitted before the hang. If I examine
/var/log/messages there are a lot of systemd messages printed
immediately after the last successful kernel message that was
transmitted by netconsole.

I thought that anything that went to printk also went to netconsole. But
netconsole does not appear to be awakened after the first systemd
message is logged. I have examined netconsole.c and printk.c, but am
overwhelmed and am not able to determine what triggers netconsole. I
feel that the trigger may be negated by systemd or some other part of
system startup. I am running opensuse 42.3 and have not had any replies
from their lists. I feel it is that the native netconsole is not a
component of their distribution so it is my problem.

I can forward any data desired output from dmesg, netconsole, or
/var/log/messages. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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