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SubjectRe: [PATCH net-next] net: ethernet: ti: cpsw: don't flush mcast entries while switch promisc mode

On 10/19/18 7:04 AM, Ivan Khoronzhuk wrote:
> On Thu, Oct 18, 2018 at 07:03:06PM -0500, Grygorii Strashko wrote:
>> On 10/18/18 1:00 PM, Ivan Khoronzhuk wrote:
>>> No need now to flush mcast entries in switch mode while toggling to
>>> promiscuous mode. It's not needed as vlan reg_mcast = ALL_PORTS
>>> and mcast/vlan ports = ALL_PORTS, the same happening for vlan
>>> unreg_mcast, it's set to ALL_PORT_MASK just after calling promisc
>>> mode routine by calling set allmulti. I suppose main reason to flush
>>> them is to use unreg_mcast to receive all to host port. Thus, now, all
>>> mcast packets are received anyway and no reason to flush mcast entries
>>> unsafely, as they were synced with __dev_mc_sync() previously and are
>>> not restored. Another way is to _dev_mc_unsync() them, but no need.
>> User have possibility to add additional mcast entries or edit existing
>> in switch-mode, which is now done using custom tool. So, Host in promisc
>> mode will not receive packets for mcast address X if port mask for this
>> addr set to (ALL_PORTS - HOST_PORT). Am I missing smth?
> I didn't take into account the custom tool changing entries directly,
> but even in this case there is at least a couple of interesting
> questions:
> 1) Before the patch applied only several days ago -
>   5da1948969bc1991920987ce4361ea56046e5a98
>   "ti: cpsw: fix lost of mcast packets while rx_mode update"
>   It was impossible to do correctly anyway, as all mcast entries not
>   in the mc list were flushed (after rx_mode cb), by:
>   cpsw_ale_flush_multicast(cpsw->ale, ALE_ALL_PORTS, vid);
>   and those in mc, rewritten by adding them back in corrected form.
>   ... or this cb was not supposed to be called at all ...

It's not allowed to manipulate ALE table in dual_mac mode, so your
patches are safe in dual_mac mode. For switch-mode (unless we move
forward with switch dev) standard linux interfaces allows create
default mcast entries which then (if required) corrected using custom
tool now.

> 2) What is the reason to add mcast switch entires
>   (ALL_PORTS - HOST_PORT) if its function is added anyway by
>   unreq_mcast & (ALL_PORTS - HOST_PORT) ?
>   So, doesn't matter it's added or not - it will work :-|.

because in switch mode not all traffic directed to the Host port -
only in promisc mode. Reason safety and performance - Host should not
receive traffic which is not designated for it.

promiscuous in switch mode:
- disables learning
- enables unicast flooding to Host port
- enables unregistered multi-cast flooding to the Host port
In other words, CPSW will continue forwarding packets between P1&P2, but
also will "duplicate" packets to Host port. This will work only for
vlans which have host port as member.

> 3) Even so, toggling promisc mode will clear all these changes anyway,
>   even I will call _dev_mc_unsync() after flushing them.

there can be records which are not under control of Linux now.

> 4) If user can tune ALE table by hand, what stops him do it after moving
>   to promisc mode, seems he knows what he's doing?
> 5) It could be possible only for not default vlan entries, but mcast
>   vlan support is not supported yet. Who is gona restore those
>   entries after promisc off?
> This behaviour is arguable, and flushing mcast entries can bring more
> issues then leaving. For me it doesn't matter, I can archive the same
> by adding after flush one line, it's even shorter:
> __dev_mc_unsync(priv->ndev, NULL);

Again, unless we move forward with switch dev you can't assume that
Linux stack has full control over ALE table. Sry, hence this patch is
not a fix and can introduce changes in current behavior and cause
regression reports - NACK.


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