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SubjectRe: omap4: support for manually updated display
* Pavel Machek <> [181018 22:15]:
> Hi!
> > > I want to make it clear that I don't want to claim any privilege in getting
> > > patches merged first. I am however worried that, without an easy way to test
> > > DSI support, and without enough time to focus on it, I would break whatever
> > > would be merged now in future reworks. I would thus like to find out how to
> > > collaborate on this task, hopefully to move towards usage of drm_bridge and
> > > drm_panel for DSI-based pipelines.
> >
> > Real users with mainline kernel with a real product should
> > always have priority over any ongoing clean-up.
> >
> > And for testing, a bunch of real users is something you can't
> > beat for proper testing of code on ongoing basis!
> >
> > Naturally the burden of getting the patches ready is on the people
> > using them for rebase and fixing comments. And Sebastian has
> > already agreed help with maintaining it.
> >
> > I've been actually using DSI command mode support and testing
> > Linux next several times a week to prevent regressions from
> > sneaking into -rc1 in general. So now I can't test omapdrm with
> > next until Sebastian is done with rebasing.. Back to headless
> > testing then.
> >
> > Anyways, I'd say let's add the DSI command mode support ASAP after
> > rebasing, there are at least Sebastian, Pavel and I then testing
> > and helping with further ongoing panel conversion work.
> Are there any news here? Does someone have a patch set that actually
> works?

I was wondering about that too.. I only have the v4.19-rc1 based
patches and can no longer test with Linux next. Sebastian, any

> Are there any in-progress patches I could help with?

I can put in some effort too if needed.



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