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SubjectRe: Crash in msm serial on dragonboard with ftrace bootargs
On Fri, 19 Oct 2018 20:18:19 +0530
Sai Prakash Ranjan <> wrote:

> > You said that if you add 'ftrace_filter=msm_read' to the command line,
> > it still crashes?
> >
> > So only tracing that function we have an issue, right?
> >
> Tracing msm_read does cause the crash, but that is not the only one
> causing the crash because even after "ftrace_notrace=msm_read" the board
> crashes which is why I suspect msm earlycon and not ftrace.

I'm saying there's a combination of the two. Because when ftrace is not
involved, early con doesn't crash.

I would focus on why earlycon crashes when only msm_read is traced.
That should help narrow down the cause.

What we know is:

earlycon -> boots

ftrace=function -> boots

earlycon ftrace=function ftrace_filter=msm_read -> crashes

If we remove the "ftrace=function ftrace_filter=msm_read" it boots
fine, and I'm assuming that if we just remove earlycon (keeping the
ftrace_filter), it also boots too.

Thus, ftrace tracing msm_read is causing earlycon to do something that
triggers the crash.

-- Steve

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