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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/8] usbnet: smsc95xx: add kconfig for turbo mode
Ben Dooks <> writes:

> Add a configuration option for the default state of turbo mode
> on the smsc95xx networking driver. Some systems it is better
> to default this to off as it causes significant increases in
> soft-irq load.

So there is already a module option allowing you to change this, using
e.g kernel command line or kmod config files. It's even writable,
taking effect on the next netdev open, so you can change it at runtime
without reloading the module.

What good does this new build-time setting do, except causing confusion
wrt driver defaults?

Note also that the smsc95xx and smsc75xx drivers are pretty similar.
Both have the same turbo_mode setting. If you change the defaults, then
they should at least be kept in sync to cause as little confusion as


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