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SubjectRe: 32-bit poweroc compile failure in v4.19-rc7-166-g7ec21823634d
>> I tried to test the fix to 32-bit poweroc boot hang but found that current git does not compile on 32bit poweroc at all for me:
> That's GCC 8 I think?

Yes, gcc version 8.2.0 (Debian 8.2.0-7).

> I have seen that but couldn't work out what the hell GCC is thinking.
> I don't think there's an actual bug, the size of the copy is bounded by
> the count parameter, which *doesn't* come from user space, it's hard
> coded.
> I suspect the logic is just to convoluted for GCC.
> We should fix it somehow, but I haven't worked out what's the best option.
> cheers

Meelis Roos <>

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