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SubjectRe: net/wan: hostess_sv11 + z85230 problems
On Mon, 15 Oct 2018 10:20:21 +0200 (Krzysztof Hałasa) wrote:

> Hi,
> Randy Dunlap <> writes:
> > kernel 4.19-rc7, on i386, with NO wan/hdlc/hostess/z85230 hardware:
> >
> > modprobe hostess_sv11 + autoload of z85230 give:
> BTW Hostess SV11 is apparently an ISA card, with all those problems.

Actually it worked perfectly well of old but people kept changing it
who didn't have hardware. Please just delete the driver instead of
pretending we can test it.

Nobody has one, even if they did there is no use for it as nobody runs
their internet over an old HDLC 64K link any more.

And we know since it's broken several ways by bit-rot that nobody uses it.


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