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SubjectRE: [PATCH v3 0/7] ia64: system call table generation support
> I suspect the offset logic in the system call generation script had a bug. That
> I fixed it in this patch series.
> Arnd and Eugene had shared few comments on adding new system call entry in the
> table and some other things. Appreciate if you can review this patch
> series so I can
> finalize system call table implementation for ia64 architecture.

The net effect of these is just to make it easier to add new system calls. Just
edit the table, instead of editing entry.S and unistd.h picking the next number
(and remembering to increase the NR_syscalls). Right?

I'm currently baffled at which linker magic makes the unsupported system
calls alias to sys_ni_syscall.

I'm also uncertain whether allocating system call numbers and creating
entry points for all the unsupported syscalls is the right thing to do. Might
that puzzle and frustrate folks whose applications build, but then fail at
run-time with -ENOSYS.

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