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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3 2/2] arm/arm64: KVM: enable 32 bits kvm vcpu events support
Hi Dongjiu Geng,

On 11/10/2018 20:07, Dongjiu Geng wrote:
> The commit 539aee0edb9f ("KVM: arm64: Share the parts of
> get/set events useful to 32bit") shares the get/set events
> helper for arm64 and arm32,

Oops. I evidently didn't test this bit. Looks like I just depended on the symbol
to be defined, I didn't check the CAP was exposed.

> it is better also share the check
> for vcpu events capability to enable 32 bit kvm vcpu events
> support.

not just better, necessary for correctly-written user-space to know the feature
is supported. This last bit would be clearer as: "but forgot to share the cap
extension code."

Thanks for catching this!

Acked-by: James Morse <>



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