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SubjectRE: [RFC] usb: chipidea: Add minimal support for HSIC interface on i.MX6QDL

> > Thanks, I should do it earlier, I could not find a suitable board with HSIC support
> at mainline kernel.
> > It is very kind that you could help on it and test function at real
> > board. My suggestion is follow all flows in Link [2] since we need to cover
> suspend/resume and remote wakeup.
> It seems like power management and other things in the linux-imx kernel are not
> fully implemented in mainline so there are quite a few differences.
> My knowledge of USB, etc. is very limited, so I guess this is currently beyond my
> skills. Can you or someone else provide a patch to get started? I could help with
> testing, reviewing, etc.

Ok, I will supply the patch, and you could add your dts changes as well as testing.

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