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SubjectRe: Re: BUG: corrupted list in p9_read_work
Dmitry Vyukov wrote on Wed, Oct 10, 2018:
> yeeeep, this is bug:

Yeah, it makes sense ; I just had to stumble on it once :)

> Turns out git fetch of a named remote and just a tree work
> differently. The latter only fetches the main branch.
> 'git fetch <repo> <hash>' is it a thing? Is it something that requires
> special server configuration? I remember something similar that wasn't
> able to fetch a random commit hash all the time...

With my version of git (2.19.1); this works with a local tree (git fetch
/path/to/repo ref) and with a github remote, but not with a gitolite
remote ; I don't think it's safe to assume it'll always work, but it can

> The plan was to make a named remote and then fetch it, this should
> fetch everything.

Yeah, that's less efficient but that'd fetch all named branches at
least; probably safer than what I tried :)

Anyway, the fix seems to be a hit, so cool!


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