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SubjectRe: [PATCH 03/34] teach move_mount(2) to work with OPEN_TREE_CLONE [ver #12]
On 11/10/2018 13:14, David Howells wrote:
> David Howells <> wrote:
>> The reason that you can do this with open_tree()/move_mount() is that it
>> allows you to create a mount tree (OPEN_TREE_CLONE) that has no namespace
>> assignment, pass it through the namespace switch and then attach it inside the
>> child namespace. The cross-namespace checks in do_move_mount() are bypassed
>> because the root of the newly-cloned mount tree doesn't have one.
> It's worse than that. The apparently disconnected tree given you by
> open_tree(OPEN_TREE_CLONE) is still subject to modification by outside
> forces. All it takes is one shared object within that tree.
> So I do wonder if it's possible to form a ring, even in an upstream kernel, by
> using the propagation mechanism to push through an nsfs mount into itself,
> possibly with a layer of indirection (ie. having two mutually-referential
> namespaces).
> David

Upstream does cover the mount propagation case, by simply never
propagating mounts of mount NS files.  See commit 4ce5d2b1a8fd "vfs:
Don't copy mount bind mounts of /proc/<pid>/ns/mnt between namespaces" /

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