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SubjectRe: R8169: Network lockups in 4.18.{8,9,10} (and 4.19 dev)
On 11.10.2018 00:49, Chris Clayton wrote:
>> Now, knowing the "right" value you can experiment with what rtl_init_rxcfg()
>> writes (under the "default:" label for your NIC model).
> This might be more interesting. Through a combination of viewing the output from pr_notice() and the output from
> "ethtool -d", I can see RxConfig with the following values
> During boot: 0x00028700
> Before suspend: 0x0002870e
> During resume: 0x00024000
> Post resume: 0x0002870e
> As I did with 4.18.10 early on in the process, I removed the call to rtl_init_rxcfg() from rtl_hw_start() and rebuilt,
> installed and rebooted. Now I see the following values:
> During boot: 0x00028700
> Before suspend: 0x0002870e
> During resume: 0x00024000
> Post resume: 0x0002400e

Now we can finally see some difference...
Besides missing RX128_INT_EN (bit 15 or 0x8000) and RX_DMA_BURST
(bits 8-10 or 0x700) - that rtl_init_rxcfg() would normally set so this
is kind of expected - one can see that the working configuration
post-resume has bit 14 (or 0x4000) set, too.

This bit is described in the driver as RX_MULTI_EN ("8111c only") and is
set by rtl_init_rxcfg() for example for RTL_GIGA_MAC_VER_35.

RTL_GIGA_MAC_VER_35 is described in the driver as being in the same
family as your RTL_GIGA_MAC_VER_38, so can you please try the following
--- r8169.c
+++ r8169.c
@@ -4271,6 +4271,7 @@ static void rtl_init_rxcfg(struct rtl816
+ case RTL_GIGA_MAC_VER_38:
RTL_W32(tp, RxConfig, RX128_INT_EN | RX_MULTI_EN | RX_DMA_BURST);
This will add RX_MULTI_EN also for your chip model (you need to add back
the call to rtl_init_rxcfg() to rtl_hw_start(), naturally).

If this does not help then I would try another values in the above write:
1) RTL_W32(tp, RxConfig, 0x00024000);
2) RTL_W32(tp, RxConfig, 0x00004000);
3) RTL_W32(tp, RxConfig, RX_DMA_BURST);
4) RTL_W32(tp, RxConfig, RX128_INT_EN);
> Chris


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