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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3 3/7] drivers: parisc: Avoids building driver if CONFIG_PARISC is disabled
Hello Michael,

> That already works, doesn't it? So all that you'd need is an offline
> tool to precompute what drivers to actually build with a given config.
> 'make -n' with some suitable output mangling might do the job.
> There may well be other ways to achieve your stated goal, without any
> need to make changes to the kernel build process (which is the result of
> many years of evolution and tuning, BTW).

Thanks for the info, I will try to use it.

> > This change is not supposed to bother the usual way of building the kernel, and
> Enough people have voiced their concern to warrant that you should back
> up that claim, IMO. Have you verified that your patchset does not change
> current behaviour when building the entire set of default configurations
> for each supported architecture? Does it reduce or increase overall
> complexity of the build process?
I have tried in some ARCHs and it worked fine. Out of curiosity, I
will try on all
of them.

> > it is not even supposed to add overhead to kernel compilation. And it would,
> > at least, solve my problem with the 3h limit, and enable the tool
> > I am building on GiltabCI to help other developers.
> (Apropos of nothing: Am I the only one who thinks gitlab might take a
> rather dim view of your creativity in dealing with their limit?)

They make available 50k minutes a month for OSS projects. I don't believe they
care how it's spent if its used to build/deploy the project. They even
allow using
several 'jobs' in parallel in order to speed up the process.

Thanks for your help,

Leonardo Bras

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