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Subject[PATCH v5 0/3] Remove #if 0 blocks and fix macros
This patchset removes #if 0 blocks and removes single statement

Changes in v5:
- Split the patch in three different patches.
- The first patch removes #if 0 blocks.
- The second one removes msdc_irq_restore() macro.
- The third one removes other unused macros.
Changes in v4:
- Removed #if 0 code blocks and usages of functions defined
in the #if 0 blocks in dbg.c and dbg.h
Changes in v3:
- Remove the #if 0 code blocks and usages of the functions
defined in the #if 0 code block.
- Delete msdc_irq_restore() and replace its usage directly
with call to the function being called by the macro.
Changes in v2:
- Convert msdc_gate_clk() and msdc_ungate_clk() to inline functions.
- Delete msdc_irq_restore(), msdc_vcore_on(), msdc_vcore_off(),
msdc_vdd_on() and msdc_vdd_off() and replace their usages directly
with calls to the function being called by these macros.

Nishad Kamdar (3):
staging: mt7621-mmc: Remove #if 0 blocks
staging: mt7621-mmc: Remove single statement macro msdc_irq_restore()
staging: mt7621-mmc: Remove unused single statement macros

drivers/staging/mt7621-mmc/dbg.c | 21 +--
drivers/staging/mt7621-mmc/dbg.h | 14 --
drivers/staging/mt7621-mmc/sd.c | 304 +------------------------------
3 files changed, 2 insertions(+), 337 deletions(-)


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