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SubjectRe: [PATCH 06/18] x86, barrier: stop speculation for failed access_ok
On Mon, 8 Jan 2018 12:00:28 +0000
David Laight <David.Laight@ACULAB.COM> wrote:

> From: Linus Torvalds
> > Sent: 07 January 2018 19:47
> ...
> > Also, people definitely *are* noticing the performance issues with the
> > current set of patches, and they are causing real problems. Go search
> > for reports of Amazon AWS slowdowns.
> Try over 35% slowdown....
> Given that AWS instance runs known code (user and kernel) why do we
> need to worry about any of these sideband attacks?

You may not need to. Amazon themselves obviously need to worry that no
other VM steals your data (or vice versa) but above that (and with raw
hardware appliances) if you control all the code you run then the nopti
and other disables may be useful (At the end of the day as with anything
else you do your own risk assessment).

Do remember to consider if you are running untrusted but supposedly
sandboxed code (eg Java, js).

I'm not using pti etc on my minecraft VMs - no point. If anyone gets to
run arbitrary code on them except me then it's already compromised.


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