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SubjectRe: atm/clip: Use seq_puts() in svc_addr()
>> Is the function "seq_puts" a bit more efficient for the desired output
>> of a single string in comparison to calling the function "seq_printf"
>> for this purpose?
> Will you please be so kind and tell us?

How do you think about to get the run time characteristics for these
sequence output functions better documented?

Can an information like “WARNING: Prefer seq_puts to seq_printf”
(from the script “”) be another incentive?

>>> and "strings should be quickly put into a sequence"
>>> isn't terribly helpful.
>> Which wording would you find more appropriate for the suggested
>> adjustment of these function calls?
> Whatever describes the actual issue and what you're doing about it.
> Turn your rhetorical question above into a commit message, done.
> Compare that with your original commit message, on the other hand,
> and you should understand what I mean.

Which descriptions are you really missing for the affected data output?


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