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SubjectRe: atm/clip: Use seq_puts() in svc_addr()
>> Two strings should be quickly put into a sequence by two function calls.
>> Thus use the function "seq_puts" instead of "seq_printf".
>> This issue was detected by using the Coccinelle software.
> Can you please explain what the issue really is and what you're trying
> to do here?

Is the function "seq_puts" a bit more efficient for the desired output
of a single string in comparison to calling the function "seq_printf"
for this purpose?

> One shouldn't need to dig into Coccinelle patterns to find
> out what you mean,

Why did an attribution for a software tool confuse you?

> and "strings should be quickly put into a sequence"
> isn't terribly helpful.

Which wording would you find more appropriate for the suggested
adjustment of these function calls?


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