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SubjectRe: [PATCH 3/5] USB: serial: f81232: enable remote wakeup via RX/RI pin
Hi Johan,

Johan Hovold 於 2018/1/30 上午 11:57 寫道:
> On Mon, Jan 22, 2018 at 03:58:45PM +0800, Ji-Ze Hong (Peter Hong) wrote:
>> The F81232 can do remote wakeup via RX/RI pin with pulse.
>> This patch will use device_set_wakeup_enable to enable this
>> feature.
> This is a policy decision that should be made by user space by setting
> the power/wakeup attribute, and not something that something that
> drivers should enable directly themselves.
> Perhaps you really wanted to use device_set_wakeup_capable()? But then
> you also need to honour the current setting in suspend() as well.
> How have you tested this feature?

Our USB-To-Serial support RI/ RX remote wakeup by Modem, Fax or
other peripherals and we had tested it by following procedure with
device_set_wakeup_enable() enabled:
1. Using pm-suspend to S3
2. Trigger a pulse to RI/RX to wake up system.

In our test, we can do remote wakeup only with
device_set_wakeup_enable() enabled.

Should we add device_set_wakeup_capable() & device_set_wakeup_enable()
like following link??

With Best Regards,
Peter Hong

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