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SubjectRegression: bcm4312 lp-phy device not recognized in 4.15 kernel
I have an old netbook with a Broadcom bcm4312 802.11b/g lp-phy
[14e4:4315] (rev 01) wifi device. It is no longer recognized in kernel
4.15: it works fine with the 4.14 kernel and earlier, with the b43 and
ssb kernel modules.

I cannot give any further information as there are no error messages
logged. The b43 firmware (wl-5.100.138) is not loaded for it, nor are
the ssb/b43/bcma/ mmc_core/mac80211/cfg80211 modules. The modules can
be loaded by hand without error, but nothing happens and no network
interface is presented.

This is a pretty slow and rubbish netbook but is useful when travelling
to a country which might impound your laptop (no names) and you don't
mind too much losing it. It would be nice to continue to be able to
use it for that.


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