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Subject[PATCH 0/5] hwrng: stm32 - Improvement for stm32-rng
This set of patches add extended functionalities for stm32 rng
Patch #1 includes a reset during probe to avoid any error status
which can occur during bootup process and keep safe rng integrity.

Patch #3 adds a new property to manage the clock error detection
feature which can be disabled on specific target.

Patch #5 rework the timeout calculation for read value that was
previously defined based on loop operation and is now based on

Lionel Debieve (5):
hwrng: stm32 - add reset during probe
dt-bindings: rng: add reset node for stm32
hwrng: stm32 - allow disable clock error detection
dt-bindings: rng: add clock detection error for stm32
hwrng: stm32 - rework read timeout calculation

.../devicetree/bindings/rng/st,stm32-rng.txt | 4 ++
drivers/char/hw_random/stm32-rng.c | 44 ++++++++++++++--------
2 files changed, 32 insertions(+), 16 deletions(-)


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