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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/2] of: change overlay apply input data from EDT to FDT
On Sun, Jan 28, 2018 at 8:53 PM,  <> wrote:
> From: Frank Rowand <>
> Move duplicating and unflattening of an overlay flattened devicetree
> (FDT) into the overlay application code. To accomplish this,
> of_overlay_apply() is replaced by of_overlay_fdt_apply().
> The copy of the FDT (aka "duplicate FDT") now belongs to devicetree
> code, which is thus responsible for freeing the duplicate FDT. The
> caller of of_overlay_fdt_apply() remains responsible for freeing the
> original FDT.
> The unflattened device tree (aka expanded device tree, EDT) now

Not really a fan of a new acronym.

> belongs to devicetree code, which is thus responsible for freeing
> the EDT.
> These ownership changes prevent early freeing of the duplicated FDT
> or the EDT, which could result in use after free errors.
> of_overlay_fdt_apply() is a private function for the anticipated
> overlay loader.
> Update unittest.c to use of_overlay_fdt_apply() instead of
> of_overlay_apply().
> Move overlay fragments from artificial locations in
> drivers/of/unittest-data/tests-overlay.dtsi into one devicetree
> source file per overlay. This led to changes in
> drivers/of/unitest-data/Makefile and drivers/of/unitest.c.

Why the rearranging? That should be a separate patch.

> - Add overlay directives to the overlay devicetree source files so
> that dtc will compile them as true overlays into one FDT data
> chunk per overlay.

For this?

> - Set CFLAGS for drivers/of/unittest-data/testcases.dts so that
> symbols will be generated for overlay resolution of overlays
> that are no longer artificially contained in testcases.dts
> - Unflatten and apply each unittest overlay FDT using
> of_overlay_fdt_apply().
> - Enable the of_resolve_phandles() check for whether the overlay
> EDT is detached. This check was previously disabled because the
> overlays from tests-overlay.dtsi were not unflattened into detached
> trees.
> - Other changes to unittest.c infrastructure to manage multiple test
> FDTs built into the kernel image (access by name instead of
> arbitrary number).
> - of_unittest_overlay_high_level(): previously unused code to add
> properties from the overlay_base devicetree to the live tree
> was triggered by the restructuring of tests-overlay.dtsi and thus
> testcases.dts. This exposed two bugs: (1) the need to dup a
> property before adding it, and (2) property 'name' is
> auto-generated in the unflatten code and thus will be a duplicate
> in the __symbols__ node - do not treat this duplicate as an error.
> Errors while developing the patch exposed inadequate error messages
> to debug problems when overlay devicetree fragment nodes contain
> an invalid target path. Improved the messages in find_target_node().

Sounds like another separate patch.


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