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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Remove silentoldconfig from "make help"; fix kconfig/conf's help
2018-01-27 8:00 GMT+09:00 Marc Herbert <>:
> Masahiro,
> On 17/01/2018 20:31, Masahiro Yamada wrote:
>> Sorry for my late reply.
> I think we're even now :-)
>>> I'd like to keep that sentence because it's there to explain the legacy and
>>> confusing "--silentoldconfig" name which unfortunately still sticks out in
>>> the *current* conf.c interface.
>>> + printf(" --silentoldconfig Similar to oldconfig but generates configuration in\n"
>>> + " include/{generated/,config/} (oldconfig used to be more verbose)\n");
>>> The purpose of this sentence is to warn people that: "silentoldconfig is
>>> just archeology, so you can safely ignore it" and save them time.
>>> The alternative I considered was to entirely remove "silentconfig" not just
>>> from the Makefile's help but from the conf.c help too.
>> Another possibility might be to rename 'silentoldconfig'.
>> instead of explaining the background in the help message.
>> [...]
>> It is difficult to suggest a clear name,
>> but 'syncconfig' is the one I came up with.
>> Please suggest if you have a better idea.
> Look like a good idea and name to me but... for a different, bigger
> and later commit.
>> Commit fb16d8912db5268f29706010ecafff74b971c58d
>> renamed oldnoconfig to olddefconfig...
> ... but it didn't remove any "now internal API" from "make help". Instead it
> changed the name of an external and preserved "API".
>> If we worry about the compatibility just in case,
>> we can keep 'silentoldconfig' as an alias as well.
> Yes - but later?
> In the meantime I found another instance of silentoldconfig in
> Documentation/admin-guide/; posting v3 with that removed too.
> I'm also adding some deprecation comments in the source.
> --

Okay, let's go with your patch for now.

Best Regards
Masahiro Yamada

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