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SubjectRe: i8k_smm_func() takes enormous of time to execute
On 01/27/2018 06:09 AM, Pali Rohár wrote:
> On Monday 04 December 2017 13:18:29 Pali Rohár wrote:
>>>> Your last patch in bugzilla looks ok, you add my Reviewed-by: Pali
>>>> Rohár <>
>>> Could you please advice on how to proceed further? I can submit all 3
>>> patches (incl. yours two), to a ML.
>> Now it is up to hwmon maintainers (Jean Delvare & Guenter Roeck) to pick
>> up these patches. I think nothing more is needed from your side. (And if
>> yes, Jean would write.)
> Jean Delvare & Guenter Roeck: PING
> Can you process patches from that bugzilla ticket?
No. You should know better. Please follow the established process for
submitting patches into the upstream kernel.


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