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Subjectselftests/x86/fsgsbase_64 test problem
We've noticed that fsgsbase_64 can fail intermittently with the
following error:

[RUN] ARCH_SET_GS(0x0) and clear gs, then schedule to 0x1
Before schedule, set selector to 0x1
other thread: ARCH_SET_GS(0x1) -- sel is 0x0
[FAIL] GS/BASE changed from 0x1/0x0 to 0x0/0x0

This can be reliably reproduced by running fsgsbase_64 in a loop. i.e.

for i in $(seq 1 10000); do ./fsgsbase_64 || break; done

This problem isn't new - I've reproduced it on latest mainline and every
release going back to v4.12 (I did not try earlier). This was tested on
a Supermicro board with a Xeon E3-1220 as well as an Intel Nuc with an


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