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SubjectRe: [PATCH v6 20/36] nds32: Signal handling support
On Wed, Jan 24, 2018 at 1:56 AM, Vincent Chen <> wrote:
> 2018-01-18 18:30 GMT+08:00 Arnd Bergmann <>:
>> On Mon, Jan 15, 2018 at 6:53 AM, Greentime Hu <> wrote:
>>> From: Greentime Hu <>
>>> This patch adds support for signal handling.
>>> Signed-off-by: Vincent Chen <>
>>> Signed-off-by: Greentime Hu <>
>> I never feel qualified enough to properly review signal handling code, so
>> no Ack from me for this code even though I don't see anything wrong with it.
>> Hopefully someone else can give an Ack after looking more closely.
> Dear Arnd:
> We'd be glad to improve signal handling code to meet your requirement.
> Could you
> tell us which part we need to refine or which implementation is good
> for us to refer?

No, as I said, the problem is on my side, I just don't understand enough of it.
I would assume that the arm64 and risc-v implementations are the most
thoroughly reviewed, but haven't looked at those in enough detail either.
If your code does something that risc-v doesn't do, try to understand whether
there should be a difference or not.


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