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SubjectRe: [PATCH 12/14] MIPS: memblock: Discard bootmem from Loongson3 code
Hello Jiaxun,

On Tue, Jan 23, 2018 at 10:28:44PM +0000, Jiaxun Yang <> wrote:
> 在 2018-01-18四的 01:23 +0300,Serge Semin写道:
> Hi Serge
> > Loongson64/3 runs its own code to initialize memory allocator in
> > case of NUMA configuration is selected. So in order to move to the
> > pure memblock utilization we discard the bootmem allocator usage
> > and insert the memblock reservation method for
> > kernel/addrspace_offset
> > memory regions.
> Thanks for your patch. However, In my test, the system didn't boot
> anymore with your patch. Since I don't have any lowlevel debug
> instuments(ejtag or something). I can't provide any detail about the
> problem. Just let you know that we have a problem here.

Thanks for performing the tests of the patchset. I really appreciate this.
Regarding the problems you got. You must be doing something wrong, since
Matt Redfearn already did the tests on Loongson3:
and the kernel turns out to be booting without troubles.

So could you make sure, that you did everything right? Particularly, you
said the patch (singular) isn't working. But this patch functionality depends
on the whole patchset. Did you apply all the patches I sent and fully rebuild
the kernel then?


> --
> Jiaxun Yang

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