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SubjectRe: [1/3] mfd/omap-usb-tll: Delete two error messages for a failed memory allocation in usbtll_omap_probe()
> That said, you might end having only fragment of log in only one of thousands
> And saying technician he needs to use another kernel (upgrade all machines)
> and wait another several weeks for bug to trigger is no way.

This was not really my intention here.

> So until evolution reaches ARM land, my point stands unchanged:
> Make it single allocation

Did I indicate a similar design direction (for the preferred stack trace
convenience) after your constructive feedback?

> or leave one of those two messages in place.

Are there any more preferences involved?

> In practice it probably does not matter if we know which allocation
> failed. We simply run out of memmory.

Would anybody insist to know for which driver instance an allocation attempt
was performed?

>> Does your update suggestion contain still any additional error messages for
>> memory allocation failures?
> Of course not as there will be only one memory allocation in the probe function.

Thanks for this clarification. - So I hope that your solution approach
will be also fine. Will it supersede my proposal?


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