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Subject[PATCH v2 0/1] fs: Add VirtualBox guest shared folder (vboxsf) support
Hi All,

Now that the vboxguest driver which the vboxsf (guest shared folder)
fs driver depends on is queued for merging into 4.16 in char-misc-next,
all the dependencies for the vboxsf are in place.

So here is a v2 of my initial vboxsf, addressing all of the remark from
Christoph Hellwig about v1:
-Removed various unused wrapper functions
-Don't use i_private, instead defined alloc_inode and destroy_inode
methods and use container_of.
-Drop obsolete comment referencing people to
-move the single symlink op of from lnkops.c to file.c

As well as bunch of other cleanups:
-Use SPDX license headers
-Replace SHFLROOT / SHFLHANDLE defines with normal types
-Removed unnecessary S_ISREG checks
-Got rid of bounce_buffer in regops, instead add a "user" flag to
vboxsf_read / vboxsf_write, re-using the existing __user address support
in the vboxguest module
-Make vboxsf_wrappers return regular linux errno values
-Use i_size_write to update size on writing
-Convert doxygen style comments to kerneldoc style comments

Please review.



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