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SubjectLSF/MM 2018: Call for Proposals
The annual Linux Storage, Filesystem and Memory Management (LSF/MM)
Summit for 2018 will be held from April 23-25 at the Deer Valley
Lodges in Park City, Utah. LSF/MM is an invitation-only technical
workshop to map out improvements to the Linux storage, filesystem and
memory management subsystems that will make their way into the
mainline kernel within the coming years.

LSF/MM 2018 will be a three day, stand-alone conference with three
subsystem-specific tracks, cross-track discussions, as well as BoF and
hacking sessions.

On behalf of the committee I am issuing a call for agenda proposals
that are suitable for cross-track discussion as well as technical
subjects for the breakout sessions.

If advance notice is required for visa applications then please point
that out in your proposal or request to attend, and submit the topic
as soon as possible.

1) Proposals for agenda topics should be sent before January 31st,
2018 to:

and CC the mailing lists that are relevant for the topic in question:


Please tag your proposal with [LSF/MM TOPIC] to make it easier to
track. In addition, please make sure to start a new thread for each
topic rather than following up to an existing one. Agenda topics and
attendees will be selected by the program committee, but the final
agenda will be formed by consensus of the attendees on the day.

2) Requests to attend the summit for those that are not proposing a
topic should be sent to:

Please summarize what expertise you will bring to the meeting, and
what you would like to discuss. Please also tag your email with
[LSF/MM ATTEND] and send it as a new thread so there is less chance of
it getting lost.

We will try to cap attendance at around 25-30 per track to facilitate
discussions although the final numbers will depend on the room sizes
at the venue.

For discussion leaders, slides and visualizations are encouraged to
outline the subject matter and focus the discussions. Please refrain
from lengthy presentations and talks; the sessions are supposed to be
interactive, inclusive discussions.

There will be no recording or audio bridge. However, we expect that
written minutes will be published as we did in previous years:






3) If you have feedback on last year's meeting that we can use to
improve this year's, please also send that to:

Thank you on behalf of the program committee:

Anna Schumaker (Filesystems)
Jens Axboe (Storage)
Josef Bacik (Filesystems)
Martin K. Petersen (Storage)
Michal Hocko (MM)
Rik van Riel (MM)

Johannes Weiner

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