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SubjectRe: INFO: task hung in filemap_fault
On Mon, Jan 15, 2018 at 2:56 PM, Tetsuo Handa
<> wrote:
> Dmitry Vyukov wrote:
>> > No problem. In the "tty: User triggerable soft lockup." case, I manually
>> > trimmed the reproducer at .
>> > That is,
>> >
>> > (1) Can the problem be reproduced even if setup_tun(0, true); is commented out?
>> >
>> > (2) Can the problem be reproduced even if NONFAILING(A = B); is replaced with
>> > plain A = B; assignment?
>> >
>> > (3) Can the problem be reproduced even if install_segv_handler(); is commented
>> > out?
>> >
>> > (4) Can the problem be reproduced even if some syscalls (e.g. __NR_memfd_create,
>> > __NR_getsockopt, __NR_perf_event_open) are replaced with no-op?
>> >
>> > and so on. Then, I finally reached a reproducer which I sent, and the bug was fixed.
>> >
>> > What is important is that everyone can try simplifying the reproducer written
>> > in plain C in order to narrow down the culprit. Providing a (e.g.) CGI service
>> > which generates plain C reproducer like gistfile1.txt will be helpful to me.
>> I am not completely following. You previously mentioned raw.log, which
>> is a collection of multiple programs, but now you seem to be talking
>> about a single reproducer. When syzbot manages to reproduce the bug
>> only with syzkaller program but not with a corresponding C program, it
>> provides only syzkaller program. It such case it can sense to convert.
>> But the case you pointed to actually contains C program. So there is
>> no need to do the conversion at all... What am I missing?
> raw.log is not readable for me.
> I want to see C program even if syzbot did not manage to reproduce the bug.
> If C program is available, everyone can try reproducing the bug with manually
> trimmed C program.

If it did not manage to reproduce the bug, there is no C program.
There is no program at all.

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