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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2] fs: Add VirtualBox guest shared folder (vboxsf) support
* what hch said about mount options.  Get rid of that before the thing
goes into mainline.

* all "inode = GET_F_DENTRY(f)->d_inode;" are complete BS; it's called
file_inode(f). Kill GET_F_DENTRY() off and be done with that.

* your ->rename() can race with ->get_link(). Look at the place where
the former reassigns ->path and frees the old value and think what
happens if the latter is called just prior to that kfree().

* the same goes for sf_inode_revalidate() vs. rename().

* just what happens to ->path of inode when e.g. its grandparent
directory is renamed?

* AFAICS, you consider all negative dentries invalid. Why do you even
hash them, then?

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