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SubjectRe: [PATCH] drivers/scsi/qla2xxx: fix double free bug after firmware timeout
On 2018/01/15 20:58, "Madhani, Himanshu" <> wrote:
> We have patch to prevent this double free in 4.16/scsi-queue
> already.

No, let me repeat: this is a different bug!

Your bug is about the free call after waiting for completion
synchronously in qla24xx_els_dcmd_iocb(), after it was already freed
by qla2x00_sp_timeout().

My bug is about free in qla2x00_*_sp_done() and again in
qla2x00_sp_timeout(). My patch description describes exactly that.

And you know what? My patch fixes both bugs. It is superior to the
one that was merged 4 weeks later, isn't it?

You NACKed my patch 5 weeks ago, and I explained to you that you were
talking about a different bug, but you never replied to that.


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