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SubjectRe: mfd/omap-usb-tll: Allocate driver data at once in usbtll_omap_probe()
>> So I hope that your solution approach will be also fine.
>> Will it supersede my proposal?
> Who knows, perhaps it would be the best if you could judge yourself...

I am also curious on how other contributors will respond to
your following update suggestion.

> 8<--------
> Subject: [PATCH] mfd/omap-usb-tll: Allocate driver data at once

Would it have been clearer to use this information as the subject
for this reply already?

Are you fine with that this change approach was recorded in
a possibly questionable format?

> Allocating memory to store clk array together with driver
> data simplifies error unwinding and allows deleting memory
> allocation failure message as there is now only single point
> where allocation could fail.

* Will it matter to mention the previous software situation a bit
in such a commit description?

* Would you like to add a tag “link”?

* Are you going to “supersede” any more source code adjustments
around questionable error messages?


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