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SubjectRe: [REGRESSION][v4.14.y][v4.15] x86/intel_rdt/cqm: Improve limbo list processing
On Fri, 12 Jan 2018, Joseph Salisbury wrote:

> Hi Vikas,
> A kernel bug report was opened against Ubuntu [0].  After a kernel
> bisect, it was found that reverting the following commit resolved this bug:
> commit 24247aeeabe99eab13b798ccccc2dec066dd6f07
> Author: Vikas Shivappa <>
> Date:   Tue Aug 15 18:00:43 2017 -0700
>     x86/intel_rdt/cqm: Improve limbo list processing
> The regression was introduced as of v4.14-r1 and still exists with
> current mainline.  The trace with v4.15-rc7 is in comment #44[1].
> I was hoping to get your feedback, since you are the patch author.  Do
> you think gathering any additional data will help diagnose this issue,
> or would it be best to submit a revert request?

That stinks like a use after free. Can you run with KASAN enabled?


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