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SubjectRe: [Qemu-devel] [RFC PATCH 0/3] vfio: ccw: basic channel path event handling

On 01/11/2018 04:04 AM, Dong Jia Shi wrote:
> What are still missing, thus need to be offered in the next version are:
> - I/O termination and FSM state handling if currently we have I/O on the status
> switched path.
> - Vary on/off event is not sensible to a guest.

I don't see a doc update. We do have documentation (in
Documentation/s390/vfio-ccw.txt) in which the uapi interface with the
regions and their purpose/usage is at least kind of explained. You are
changing this interface without updating the doc.

I would like to see documentation on this because I'm under the
impression either the design is pretty convoluted or I did not
get it at all.


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