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I've been working off and on with this.  Since you're getting into the
counters in a couple of the patches, part of the reason for all the
#defines here are because MDC, MDT and OST counters are all shoved into
the same array dynamically, sometimes. It would be a much cleaner
approach to have a separate array for the MDC stats, then print them

This would reduce all of the calls to these macros to counter increments.

-Ben Evans

On 1/11/18, 12:16 PM, "Fabian Huegel" <> wrote:

>We cleaned up a lot of checkpatch errors and warnings in obd_class.h,
>but there are still some CHECKs and two warnings about flow control
>inside macros left.
>Changing those macros to inline functions would probably
>be a good idea, unfortunatly it's not straightforward since they use
>'#op' to print the name of the operation.
>We also did some aligning to make the code more readable and removed
>an unnecessary macro.
>We only tested, that the kernel still compiles and the lustre kernel
>module loads successfully, but given the harmless nature of these
>changes we don't expect any problems.
>The patches are based on the staging-testing branch of the staging tree.

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