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SubjectRe: [RFC Part2 PATCH v3 02/26] crypto: ccp: Add Platform Security Processor (PSP) device support
On Thu, Sep 07, 2017 at 05:19:32PM -0500, Brijesh Singh wrote:
> At high level, AMD-SP (AMD Secure Processor) (i.e CCP driver) will provide the
> support for CCP, SEV and TEE FW commands.
> +--- CCP
> |
> AMD-SP --|
> | +--- SEV
> | |
> +---- PSP ---*
> |
> +---- TEE

I still don't see the need for such finegrained separation, though.
There's no "this is a separate compilation unit because... ". At least
the PSP branch could be a single driver without the interface.

For example, psp_request_sev_irq() is called only by sev_dev_init(). So
why is sev-dev a separate compilation unit? Is anything else going to
use the PSP interface?

If not, just put it all in a psp-dev file and that's it. We have a
gazillion config options and having two more just because, is not a good
reason. You can always carve it out later if there's real need. But if
the SEV thing can't function without the PSP thing, then you can just as
well put it inside it.

This way you can save yourself a bunch of exported functions and the

Another example for not optimal design is psp_request_tee_irq() - it
doesn't really request an irq by calling into the IRQ core but simply
assigns a handler. Which looks to me like you're simulating an interface
where one is not really needed. Ditto for the sev_irq version, btw.

And where are the psp_request_tee_irq() et al callers? Nothing calls
those functions. So you can save yourself all that needless glue if you
put them in a single psp-dev and have that functionality always present
when you enable the PSP.

Because this is what the PSP does - SEV and TEE services. Why would you
have CRYPTO_DEV_PSP_SEV depend on CRYPTO_DEV_SP_PSP where the SEV and
TEE functionality are integral part of it?

And so on and so on...


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