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SubjectRe: [PATCH RFC 3/6] The file ksz_common.c contains common code shared by all KSZ switch drivers
Hi Tristram

You patches are so badly mangled that they won't apply. So i'm
guessing a bit here...

What i think is you can do this in three patches:

1) Straight rename of ksz_common.c to ksz9477.c. Makefile changes to
fit, no code changes.
2) Move common code back into ksz_common.c. Makefile changes to fit.
3) ksz9477.c prefix name changes

It looks like there is not too much common code in ksz_common.c. So
doing it this way makes the changes minimal, and things compile at
each stage.

Remember to use -M with git format-patch.


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