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SubjectRe: Fail to build Linux with O= in master
2017-09-30 8:59 GMT+09:00 Julien Grall <>:
> Hello,
> I have tried to build the latest master and got the following error:
> 42sh> make O=~/works/linux-build/aarch64-4k -C ~/works/linux
> make: Entering directory '/home/julgra01/works/linux'
> Makefile:135: *** failed to create output directory "~/works/linux-build/aarch64-4k". Stop.
> make: Leaving directory '/home/julgra01/works/linux'
> The bisector found the commit 8e9b466 "kbuild: use $(abspath ...)
> instead of $(shell cd ... && /bin/pwd)".
> Looking at the code, it seems that it is because the code is
> now using $(realpath ...). Indeed when I replace ~ by $HOME
> the kernel is now built.
> I am not a Makefile expert, so I would appreciate if anyone
> could suggest a patch for this.

Thanks for the report.

Which shell are you using?

I use bash and I have no problem.
If I try dash, indeed, it fails.

I will take a look.

Best Regards
Masahiro Yamada

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