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SubjectRE: [PATCH RFC 3/5] Add KSZ8795 switch driver
> > My concern is if a task is already running with SPI access to a lot
> > of registers like reading the 32 MIB counters in every port of the
> > switch, another register access has to wait until they are finished.
> Why does it have to wait? Looking at the code in
> ksz_get_ethtool_stats(), you don't take any mutex which will prevent
> others from using the SPI bus. All there is is a mutex which prevents
> two sets of ksz_get_ethtool_stats() at the same time.
> So a PTP read could happen in parallel, and will not be blocked by MIB
> reads. They should get interleaved access to the SPI bus.

The MIB counters are read in the background. For multiple CPU cores 2
tasks may run in the same time allowing SPI access one after another.
For single core I am not sure an SPI access like coming from an interrupt
routine can jump ahead from one in a background task.

I know nowadays SoCs are powerful enough to do amazing things. It is
just I spent a long time using a low-powered SoC doing switch driver

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