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SubjectHow to verify linux-next

I have a general question.
How do we normally verify linux-next tree?

I wanted to work on linux-next but I am facing some issues.
I could able to build linux-next for both x86 and arm, but I could not
verify it on any machine.
Currently I don't have a real Linux PC to boot with linux-next kernel.
So I am trying to find alternative ways, like using the virtual box or qemu-arm.
1) For Oracle virtual box 5.1.26 with ubuntu-32 bit, the linux-next
kernel is not booting.
2) For qemu-arm (versatilepb), I am able to build the kernel, but I
could not figure out which rootfs to use with it.
I tried creating minimal rootfs using busybox, but it does not contain
enough interface. I am not able to open multiple terminal and also
could not setup ssh to access it using PUTTY.

So, if you know of any better rootfs to use with qemu-arm please let me know.
Or, if you know of any better option to use linux-next please tell me.
It will be really helpful.

Thank You!

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