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SubjectRe: [PATCH net-next RFC 0/9] net: dsa: PTP timestamping for mv88e6xxx
On 09/28/2017 10:36 AM, Andrew Lunn wrote:
>> - Patch #3: The GPIO config support is handled in a very simple manner.
>> I suspect a longer term goal would be to use pinctrl here.
> I assume ptp already has the core code to use pinctrl and Linux
> standard GPIOs? What does the device tree binding look like? How do
> you specify the GPIOs to use?
> What we want to avoid is defining an ABI now, otherwise it is going to
> be hard to swap to pinctrl later.
>> - Patch #6: the dsa_switch pointer and port index is plumbed from
>> dsa_device_ops::rcv so that we can call the correct port_rxtstamp
>> method. This involved instrumenting all of the *_tag_rcv functions in
>> a way that's kind of a kludge and that I'm not terribly happy with.
> Yes, this is ugly. I will see if i can find a better way to do
> this.

See my reply in patch 6, I may be missing something, but once
dst->rdcv() has been called, skb->dev points to the slave network device
which already contains the switch port and switch information in
dsa_slave_priv, so that should lift the need for asking the individual
taggers' rcv() callback to tell us about it.

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