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SubjectRe: [RFC][PATCH v2 0/7] printk/ia64/ppc64/parisc64: let's deprecate %pF/%pf printk specifiers
On (09/22/17 16:48), Luck, Tony wrote:
> Tested patch series on ia64 successfully.
> Tested-by: Tony Luck <>


> After this goes upstream, you should submit a patch to get rid of
> all uses of %pF (70 instances in 35 files) and %pf (63 in 34)
> Perhaps break the patch by top-level directory (e.g. get all the %pF
> and %pF in the 17 files under drivers/ in one patch).

frankly, I was going to have some sort of a lazy deprecation process:
didn't plan to send out a patch set that would hunt down all pf/pF-s.

speaking of upstream, any objections if this patch set will go through
the printk tree, in one piece?

I'll wait for several more days and then resend v3 with updated
Documentation and tweaked checkpatch warning message.


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