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SubjectRe: n900 in next-20170901

> > After commit 9caf25f996e8, user for CMA memory should use to check
> > PageHighmem in order to get proper virtual address of the page. If
> > someone doesn't use it, it is possible to use wrong virtual address
> > and it then causes the use of wrong physical address.
> > CONFIG_DEBUG_VIRTUAL would catch this case.
> OK, no extra output of current next with CONFIG_DEBUG_VIRTUAL=y.
> Booting of n900 hangs with just the same error:
> save_secure_sram() returns 0000ff02
> > If it doesn't help, is there a way to test n900 configuration in QEMU?
> I doubt that QEMU n900 boots in secure mode but instead shows
> the SoC as general purpose SoC. If so, you'd have to patch the
> omap3_save_secure_ram_context() to attempt to save secure RAM
> context in all cases. If that works then debugging with any
> omap3 board like beagleboard in QEMU should work.

Okay, linux-next from today still does not boot on n900. Is it
something new, or was this still not fixed in -next?

(cesky, pictures)
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