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Subject[PATCH 0/2] i2c: ismt: Fix length handling for SMBus block reads
Hello all,

We ran into an issue where the ipmi_ssif and i2c-ismt drivers don't
agree on the format for data returned by i2c_smbus_read_block_data()

Looking at the traffic on the wire with a beagle analyzer:
Packet Details (Values in hex; [S] = Start condition;
[P] = Stop condition; * = No Ack)
[S] <10:R> 12 1C 01 00 00 80 02 1C 02 8F BE 12 00 25 12 41 01 00 00* [P]

Looking at the matching kernel trace:
kssif0010-759 [001] .... 1435.891090: smbus_read: i2c-0 a=010 f=0000 c=3 BLOCK_DATA
kssif0010-759 [001] .... 1436.202906: smbus_reply: i2c-0 a=010 f=0000 c=3 BLOCK_DATA l=20 [13-12-1c-01-00-00-80-02-1c-02-8f-be-12-00-25-12-41-01-00-00]
kssif0010-759 [001] .... 1436.202908: smbus_result: i2c-0 a=010 f=0000 c=3 BLOCK_DATA rd res=0

So basically the byte count already precedes the data in the dma_buffer,
then the driver sticks desc->rxbytes in front of this resulting in the
trace above.

The first patch tackles this.

The second patch in the series adds a sanity check on the byte count
supplied by the slave device. This might be a nice to have, but is
probably less critical.


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