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SubjectRe: kvm_intel fails to load on Conroe CPUs running Linux 4.12
On 07.08.2017 19:50, Paolo Bonzini wrote:
> On 07/08/2017 19:17, Sebastian Rachuj wrote:
>>>> Thank you for looking into the issue. My cpuinfo is as follows:
>>> Looks like Intel was already differentiating virtualization features
>>> across SKUs. Please run the attached script as root to see what other
>>> things are different (apparently) between non-Xeon and Xeon Conroes.
>> Here you are, I hope it helps:
> Not much to say, unfortunately. It's pretty much the same capabilities
> as a Prescott/Cedar Mill processor, except that it has MSR bitmaps. It
> also lacks FlexPriority compared to the Conroe I had checked.
> It's not great that even the revert patch doesn't apply cleanly---this
> is *not* necessarily a boring area of the hypervisor...
> Given the rarity of your machine I'm currently leaning towards _not_
> reverting the change. I'll check another non-Xeon Core 2 tomorrow that
> is from December 2008 (IIRC). If that one also lacks vNMI, or if I get
> other reports, I suppose I will have to reconsider that.

That's unfortunate to hear. Just for completeness, I want to mention a
thread in the Archlinux forum, I created, where two other people (Sadar
and losko) also complained about not working KVM [1]. Additionally,
Linux 4.12 has not reached yet reached distributions with a greater
amount of users.

If supporting these chips is too much of a hassle, I will probably have
to buy a new CPU to enjoy KVM support with a current linux kernel.

Anyway, thanks again for figuring this out!


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