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SubjectRe: Switching to MQ by default may generate some bug reports

> Il giorno 05 ago 2017, alle ore 13:54, Mel Gorman <> ha scritto:
> ...
>> In addition, as for coverage, we made the empiric assumption that
>> start-up time measured with each of the above easy-to-benchmark
>> applications gives an idea of the time that it would take with any
>> application of the same size and complexity. User feedback confirmed
>> this assumptions so far. Of course there may well be exceptions.
> FWIW, I also have anecdotal evidence from at least one user that using
> BFQ is way better on their desktop than CFQ ever was even under the best
> of circumstances. I've had problems directly measuring it empirically but
> this was also the first time I switched on BFQ to see what fell out so
> it's early days yet.

Yeah, I'm constantly trying (without great success so far :) ) to turn
this folklore into shared, repeatable tests and numbers. The latter
could then be reliably evaluated, questioned or defended.


> --
> Mel Gorman
> SUSE Labs

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