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SubjectRE: [PATCH] Coccinelle: add atomic_as_refcounter script

> > +identifier fname =~ ".*free.*";
> > +identifier fname2 =~ ".*destroy.*";
> > +identifier fname3 =~ ".*del.*";
> > +identifier fname4 =~ ".*queue_work.*";
> > +identifier fname5 =~ ".*schedule_work.*";
> > +identifier fname6 =~ ".*call_rcu.*";
> Personally, I find the above regular expressions much easier to understand
> than the merged version that Markus proposed.

I really don't have a strong opinion on the presentation side.
One is more compact, the above one perhaps a bit clearer for unexperienced reader (like myself).
Sometimes when I try to read patterns from cocci folder,
it takes me really a while to understand what is happening, which is not the case
with simple expression above. I have just considered myself to be too new into this
and therefore sticked to simple expressions to make sure I am minimizing functional mistakes.

But the performance issue is
> only on whether to use regular expressions or not. If you use regular
> expressions, Coccinelle will not do some optimizations. But once you
> decide to use regular expressions, the performance hit is already taken -
> for a good cause here, to my understanding.

Ok, so then performance is not even a factor. Thank you for the explanation!

So just put whatever you find
> convenient, in terms of readability, precision, etc. It seems that del is
> not very precise, because it is a substring of multiple words with
> different meanings. Maybe it should be improved, or maybe one can just
> live with the false positives (eg delay), if they actually are false
> positives.

This is the problem that some of them might be and some not.
I can call the queuing works explicitly:
identifier fname4 =~ ".*queue_work.*";
identifier fname5 =~ ".*queue_delayed_work.*";

Then there is no need to match "delay", but I still like to match both "delete" and "del".

Best Regards,
> julia

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